4: Arrival at Jerumala

It was bitter for David. There was nothing he could do. At least his friends and the few familiy he still had were alive. But free them? That was impossible. He had to go back to Jerumala. He had no idea where else to go. But there would be orcs there soon. He was sure of that. The leader of the orcs had sounded too confident of victory. Maybe there was resistance against the orcs?

3: The Battle Of Bala

Finally, the troop of orcs reached Bala. The orcs stopped for an hour, in the shelter of the forest, only a few hundred meters away from Bala. David felt sick. He had to pull himself together or they would discover him. There was nothing he could do, if he had tried to warn the villagers,“3: The Battle Of Bala” weiterlesen

2: The green ambiguous orcs

David had never seen an orc, nor any of the animals they rode, he had only heard of them. These orcs were huge, muscular, green, human-like, but crude creatures. They all wore helmets adorned with animal fangs and short pants, but nothing that would cover or protect their upper bodies. Hanging from their belts were“2: The green ambiguous orcs” weiterlesen

1: The mysterious forest

The forest was impassable. David had to go back. He had dared to go far into it, but now he simply couldn’t get any further. He screamed his desperation into the dusk, birds flew away twittering. David couldn’t believe he had gotten himself into such a predicament. He had been rock solidly confident that he“1: The mysterious forest” weiterlesen

Kapitel 5: Chorodium und Lee

David Herak war 23 Jahre alt. Er hatte nicht mehr viel Familie, nur mehr sein Onkel Christian war bei ihm. Zusammen mit seinem Onkel hatte er in einer Hütte im Dorf Bala gelebt. Dieses Dorf war nun besetzt von den Orks. Und sein Onkel ihr Sklave. Seine Freunde in Bala waren auch gefangen, frei waren“Kapitel 5: Chorodium und Lee” weiterlesen