Pauli, the werecat


Werecat Pauli is six years of age and very voracious. As is usual in his age, for such a stately and large werecat.

He loves his owner Susanne very much. She takes care of him lovingly and loves him very much. Susanne gives him a lot of yummy food, which he likes to call Mäusejausn. Susanne’s little daughter Sophie had taken him to live with them. But she had already moved out. He also liked Sophie very much, but somehow they were not quite consistent, because whenever he wanted to kiss her, she started to sneeze. But no matter.

This story of Pauli took place on October 12, 2021. It was night and only he was still up in the apartment. But the French window wascuriously still ajar, and so Pauli snuck through to take another look at the moon he loved so much. As he lay like this on his favorite spot on the balcony overlooking the moon, it all happened. He began to hear a dog barking. It was a soft, inquisitive bark, so Pauli was not startled. Pauli sat motionlessly and listened and smelled out into the night. He could make out that a dog, it had to be a medium-sized dog, Pauli thought, was approaching. Pauli hopped onto the balcony railings and looked down. Now he heard barking again, a very loud, joyful bark. It was his old friend Fridolin. Fridolin barked softly in his head, “Hello, Pauli, old house. I’ve come to join you in celebrating your birthday. You will soon be seven and thus all grown up as a werecat, we can move around the houses, you can hunt mice and I can chase other dogs.” Pauli also answered in thought: “Oh, good Fridolin. That would be wonderful. But I think the woman I live with now would be really afraid for me.”

Thereupon Fridolin replied: “She doesn’t need to be afraid, good Susanne. Deep in her heart, she knows that you are more than just a normal cat. She will let you go if you want. And if you don’t want her to know, you’ll just go off with me at night for now.”

“Yes, that’s the way it should be,” Pauli said to him in his mind.

And so it was from now on, until the day Pauli completely revealed himself to his mistress Susanne.

Thomas Hartl

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